EMF Protection stickers, for what?


Why has EMF protection become a thing today ? Well, at the beginning, networks were exclusively wired. In order to access the internet, we used to have these 56k modems that were directly plugged to the computer. As of mobile phone, their use was quite marginal, far from what it has become nowadays.

Over time, more and more wireless technologies came around: WiFi, 3G, 4G, and soon to come 5G. Tower cells are growing at every corner in our cities and we use more and more mobile devices. The latter act as many sources of wave broadcasting.

Radiations are invisible to the eye and this is probably why such few people care about them. In the same time, our phones have become a part of our lives and they are now somewhat hard to get rid of. We all have one within reach.

WiFi and mobile phones work thanks to pulsed micro-waves. This type of waves is subject to controversy as they have been said to be possibly carcinogenic by the WHO (World’s Health Organisiation). Health agencies advise to be precautious because there is a potential danger. The wireless router that sits in your living room gives off electromagnetic radiation at a quite low level (roughly a few milliwatts). On the other hand, mobile phones can go up to 2000 milliwatts, which is hundreds of times more.

When put all together, the amount of radiation absorbed rise questions and could become global health issue in a few years or decades.


The only way to get a decent EMF protection would be to live secluded, away from the masses where there is no signal.

Of course, this is highly unlikely that you would decide this. We can only try to protect ourselves the best we can in such environment.

This is where anti radiation patches come into the game. If we cannot change drastically our habits, we can try to lower our exposure to radiations from the strongest sources (mobile phones) as long as we are aware of it.

It is important to note that as the signal lowers, the amount of radiations absorbed by your body from your phone is as exponentially higher. The differential goes from 1 to 1000 between “one bare” and “five bars” of signal.

The market of anti radiations stickers

Already available for many years, EMF protection stickers come in various shapes and only a few brands seem serious about it.

Most of the time, they are sold “as is”, with no compatibility restriction or proof of an actual efficiency. They emphasize upon the health improvement.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers play with the feeling of anxiety of consumers to have them buy their products. In some cases, these cheap stickers could actually have the opposite effect. Indeed, if the signal gets deteriorated, the device could balance this out by increasing its power, hence exposing you even more strongly to radiations.

The good thing is, some brands are legit in this area but they have to deal with the bad image carried out by the low-end competitors.

For us, there is one brand that stands out from the rest. It is called FAZUP and here is why:

  • FAZUP technology is the result of over a decade of research and is patented
  • The actual reduction in radiation absorption has been scientifically measured (SAR norm)
  • Its performances have been reviewed by the EMITECH french accredited laboratory
  • Each compatible device has been individually tested in order to determine the only one optimised spot to stick the anti radiation patch on.
  • FAZUP is made in France

FAZUP: introduction and unboxing

FAZUP patches come in nice looking box and there is a lot of documentation provided as well. It is well designed with a good packaging. There is pretty much all the information we need to know. Good point.

Content of the box:

  • 1 anti radiation FAZUP patch
  • 1 positioning board
  • 3 metal jumpers
  • 1 non stick small cylinder to help position the patch
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 positioning guide

Application of the patch on the mobile

The smartphone we will use for this review is a [phone]Samsung Galaxy A5 2016[/phone]. It is of course FAZUP compatible.

As there is only one ideal position per compatible device, we won’t apply the patch to a random area of the back of the phone.

We are going to use the position manual provided to find out where exactly to place the jumpers on the board.

For our device, we can read the following:

All we have to do now is to place the jumpers at G2, B10, and D2.

To this point, the board is ready to welcome our device. Before doing this, let’s place the patch down the hole.

First, we need to remove the seal from the sticker while avoiding to touch it with our fingertips. We will then carefully handle the patch, holding it by its edges or use the small cylinder.

Let’s now put the patch down the hole, sticking side up. Beware to match the small cut from the board with the tiny guide that sticks out from the circular shape of the patch.

Now, the mobile phone is ready to be inserted between the jumpers. We noted that there is not play between the phone and the jumpers. That’s a perfect fit! The final step is to push from the back of the board to make sure it is sticking well to the phone.

With one hand, grab the board while holding firmly the phone against it. With your other hand, press the plastic piece.

Now that the patch is attached behind, we can take the phone off of the board and use our fingers to press on it and make sure it is evenly applied on the whole surface.

And voilà! your mobile is ready to be used normally, just like before.

FAZUP comes in two colors silver or gold. There is no difference of efficiency between the two. It is also possible to have your own logo on it if you’re a company for instance!

Our silver patch contrasts a lot with the darker color of our device. If you wish to have it less visible, a mobile with a white or gray color could do the trick (see below with an iPhone).

Grey iPhone 6 with a FAZUP patch.

The thickness of FAZUP is hardly noticeable (only 0.1 mm!) and does not disturb at all while using normally the phone. Stick it and forget it!

It is recommended to use a cover in order to prevent the patch from getting scratched or ripped off. It does not alter its efficiency and protects your mobile at the same time.

FAZUP under the phone cover:

The total phone + cover thickness does not really change with or without FAZUP.

How well does it work ? our impressions

FAZUP’s promise is to reduce the SAR effects on our body.

Well, reviewing such a product is not an easy task. Measuring electromagnetic radiations is not as easy as measuring a distance or weigh a weight!

The devices designed for this purpose are quite pricey and at PhoneSAR, we do not have the budget as a laboratory, as we are an independent editor.

So, instead of scientific results that we cannot provide, we will talk more about our impressions and feeling towards FAZUP.

How does FAZUP work ?

It is always interesting to understand how things work “under the hood” in order to give more pertinents explanations instead of a simple “it works!”.

So, how can FAZUP act as a shield when it comes to radiations ? The following explnation comes from the official website:

The Fazup patch contains a passive antenna that interacts with the integrated antenna of the mobile phone.

Fazup modifies the spectrum of radiation of the mobile phone in order to reduce as much as possible the emission of radiation towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry your phone on you (a protective screen).

As each mobile phone is conceived differently, the correct positioning of the patch is essential and must be very precise in relation to each model of compatible mobile phone. For this reason, Fazup provides an exclusive system of ‘positioning cases’ which guarantee the optimal protection as validated in laboratory conditions.

Unlike other devices, Fazup does not redirect the radiation towards the back of your mobile and does not increase the radiation on other surfaces. For this reason, Fazup can protect without exposing other body zones to radiation, or exposing other persons in your immediate vicinity.


To sum it up in an easy understandable way, FAZUP allows a better regulation of the power emitted from your phone to get a good network signal. It hence removes a portion of the unnecessary waves needed to get a good a signal.

Network signal strength

Okay so if this patch is supposed to be anti radiation, isn’t my phone going to get an altered signal ?

Well, as explained before, FAZUP does not totally block the waves, but sort of “filter” them to let pass only what’s necessary for your mobile. Theoretically, the patch does not cause any alteration of the signal strength.

During our test, we did not notice any significant loss of signal and all the calls we have made were just as smooth as normal. It did not seem like the patch interfered in a bad way.

Although, the company claims that their device could cause a minor loss of signal. Here is their explanation:

In certain conditions of very poor reception and on mobile phones with weaker network reception, Fazup can slightly reduce reception. The phenomenon is very marginal in comparison to the high protection that Fazup provides on a daily basis. The fact that the impact on reception is so low is actually on the major assets of our technology with regards to the very high level of SAR reduction.

Note that the level of radiation of your mobile phone can vary from 1 to 1000 depending on the levels of reception. One minute of communication in in extremely poor conditions of reception is equivalent to three hours in optimal conditions in terms of electromagnetic emissions.

At times when your mobile phone has little or no reception, it emits at its highest level and Fazup is then most useful. Furthermore, in certain other conditions of mobile phone use, Fazup can increase the quality of reception of your mobile.

Battery life

A device that constantly seeks for network will consume more battery.

Since FAZUP does not alter the necessary signal, we did not notice any abnormal consumption of battery in comparison to a use without the patch.

Of course, this can slightly vary from a model to another but in our case, nothing alarming to point out.

Behaviour of the patch during a call

Have you ever noticed that unpleasant kind of heating sensation near your ear when you give a quite long call with your smartphone ?

Personally, I don’t like to stay long on the phone as I feel discomfort above a certain length of time. This is even more true when the signal gets poor. So, I always try to shorten as much as I can my calls, or I bring my phone away from my face while using the speaker.

I still remember that particular call of over an hour that I made with one of the first Blackberry a few years back. To this day, I am still having this memory coming up to my mind whenever I call because of the amount of discomfort I felt after several minutes the phone stuck my ear.

For this test, I make a first 45 minutes call with the [phone]Samsung Galaxy A5 2016[/phone]. The network strength indicates 3 out of 4 bars. Also, I stay in the same spot so that the network signal remain consistent throughout the test. Well, after less than a dozen minutes, I am starting to feel some heat around my ear. A few minutes later, I start switching ears with the phone, trying to ease the discomfort. After I hang up, I can feel my ears warmer with this undescriptible feeling that something tried to mess with the inside of my head.

The next day, after resting for a while and with my phone newly “Fazuped up” I am making the exact same call again. From the same spot, in the same conditions of use, here I go for another 45 minutes. For the first thirty minutes, everything seems to go quite fine and I an still waiting for the discomfort to kick in. Well, after this first half hour I am starting to feel this unpleasant sensation, but less strong. After the end of the call, my head feels more relaxed than without the patch and I didn’t feel like I has to switch ears all the time.

I could only be happier this time as my phone were not harming me as much as before.

To me, this little device works as advertised and I am not even particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields in normal time. So, for people who always have headaches, tinnitus, or sleep disorder for example, I can easily say this would help prevent those, or at least ease them. And if the patch is not an absolute shield to the radiations, it still “filters” them and helps in its own way.

FAZUP in the media

Several media mentioned FAZUP over the past years, including the french television on various shows. It was debated on the show “Le Grand 8” of the D8 french channel, also in “On est pas des pigeons” show on France 4 channel in which they investigated about EMF and the potential danger of the radiations.

The footage below is from the french show “On est pas des pigeons” (in english “We are not pigeons”) :

What smartphones are FAZUP compatible ?

One of FAZUP’s drawback which is also a strong point is its compatibility with a relatively low amount of smartphones on the markets. FAZUP seems to aim at the most popular ones (e.g. all the iPhone and almost all of the Samsung Galaxy are compatible), but forgets some other models we would like to have compatible. That being said, there are already more than 150 devices tested and compatible with FAZUP.

This does not mean that the rest is not compatible, it just means that it’s not compatible YET.

To make a specific model compatible, FAZUP has to perform individual tests on each device to figure out the optimum location on where to place the patch.

These tests cost time and money of course and this is the reason why not all of the phones are tested, hence compatible.

To this day, here is the list of all the compatible devices :

Cliquez ici pour voir ces modèles dans notre comparateur

[phone]Apple iPhone 3G[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 3GS[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 4[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 4S[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 5[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 5C[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 5S[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 6[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 6S[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 7[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 6 Plus[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 6S Plus[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 7 Plus[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 8[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone 8 Plus[/phone]
[phone]Apple iPhone X[/phone]
[phone]Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE520KL)[/phone]
[phone]Asus ZenFone 3 Max (ZC520TL)[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Bold 9900[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Classic[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Curve 9320[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Curve 9720[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Passport[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Q5[/phone]
[phone]BlackBerry Z10[/phone]
[phone]Huawei Ascend G620S[/phone]
[phone]Huawei GT3[/phone]
[phone]Honor 5C[/phone]
[phone]Honor 5X[/phone]
[phone]Honor 7[/phone]
[phone]Honor 7 Lite[/phone]
[phone]Honor 8[/phone]
[phone]Huawei Mate 9[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P7[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P8 [/phone]
[phone]Huawei P8 Lite[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P9[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P9 Lite[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P10[/phone]
[phone]Huawei P10 Lite[/phone]
[phone]Huawei Y5 II[/phone]
[phone]LG G2[/phone]
[phone]LG G3[/phone]
[phone]Google Nexus 4[/phone]
[phone]Google Nexus 5[/phone]
[phone]LG Optimus 2X[/phone]
[phone]Motorola Moto G[/phone]
[phone]Motorola Moto G  (3e Gen.)[/phone]
[phone]Motorola Razr[/phone]
[phone]Nokia Lumia 520[/phone]
[phone]Nokia Lumia 635[/phone]
[phone]Microsoft Lumia 650[/phone]
[phone]Nokia Lumia 830[/phone]
[phone]Nokia Lumia 920[/phone]
[phone]Nokia N8[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A3 2015[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A3 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A3 2017[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A5[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A5 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A5 2017[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A7[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy A7 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Ace[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Ace 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Ace 3[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Ace 4[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Alpha[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Core[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Core 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Core 4G[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Core Plus[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Core Prime[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Express[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Express 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Fame[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Grand 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Grand Plus[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J1[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J1 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J3 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J5[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J5 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J5 2017[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J7[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J7 2016[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy J7 2017[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Note 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Note 3[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Note 4[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Note 8[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Note Edge[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S3[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S3 mini[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S4[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S4 mini[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S5[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S5 mini[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S6[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S7[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S7 edge[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S8[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy S8+[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Trend[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Trend 2[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Y[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Galaxy Young[/phone]
[phone]Samsung Xcover 3[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia E5[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia M2[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia M4 Aqua[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia M5[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia SP[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia Z3[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia Z3 Compact[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia Z5[/phone]
[phone]Sony Xperia Z5 Compact[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Goa[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Lenny[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Lenny 3[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Ozzy[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Sunny[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Sunset[/phone]
[phone]Wiko Sunset 2[/phone]
[phone]Xiaomi RedMi Note 3[/phone]


Keeping away from EMFs today is quite a challenge, and this does not seem to get any better for the years to come.

The noxiousness of radiation is still controversial neither is it well known from the masses.

It will take time for the people to be aware of what they are actually dealing with and what to do with it.

Although, it appears that the authorities are starting to understand this potential danger. For example, electrosensitivity is starting to be recognized as a disease in its own right, or even a disability in some cases.

So, what should we think about FAZUP ? is it really worth it ?

FAZUP defends from taking advantage of the fear of EMF. They are here with something solid that brings a solution to a real problem. All the tests speak for themselves. The numbers say so, FAZUP really reduces the amount of radiation absorbed. These numbers are supported in a real life use case where the patch eases the discomfort while on the phone.

However, if we cannot say that FAZUP will improve our health, it is still difficult to gauge how much it neutralises the radiations.

Keep it mind that using an anti radiation sticker is not an absolute shield against EMF, neither does it overcome common sense. For instance: use the speaker when you can, do not sleep near you phone (and ideally in plane mode), make short calls and with a good signal strength, etc.

We still don’t know much about radiations as this is still something relatively new, and this could be the next big thing in terms of public health within the next decades.

So for us, using a FAZUP patch is usefull in a way that it will help diminish your exposure to radiations on the long haul, instead of slowly and stealthily being harmed. We do know that mobile phones is strongest source in terms of quantity of radiations.

Knowing that mobile phones are always close to us, or worn on the body most of the time, this is the reason why FAZUP is a device of interest considering the small investment it is. How much worth is your health to yourself ? We think we’d better be safe than sorry.

  • Willingness to answer a real problem
  • Made in France
  • Efficiency scientifically proved
  • SAR reduction from 80 to 90% in average
  • Eases discomforts
  • To be used as a precautionary principle
  • Not compatible with all smartphones
  • Does not replace common sense
  • Hard to tell how beneficial this actually is
  • Not covered yet by health insurances!

Buy Fazup according to your needs

Click here to see FAZUP compatible mobile phones